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Inspiral Carpets

Revenge of the Goldfish (2022 reissue)

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reissued on vinyl for the first time since its original release.
Inspiral Carpets

Devil Hopping (2022 reissue)

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reissued on vinyl for the first time since its original release.
Inspiral Carpets

Life (2021 reissue)

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Originally released on 23rd April 1990, ‘Life’ was Inspiral Carpets’ debut record and reached #2 in the UK album charts, featuring the band&rs...
The Complete Singles

vinyl tracklist


A1. Keep The Circle Around        

A2. Butterfly     

A3. Joe

A4. Find Out Why         

A4. Move         

A5. This Is How It Feels  

A6. She Comes In The Fall                                  


B1. Biggest Mountain     

B2. Weakness   

B3. Caravan      

B4. Please Be Cruel       

B5. Dragging Me Down 


C1. Two Worlds Collide (7" Edit)

C2. Generations

C3. Bitches Brew

C4. How It Should Be    

C5. Saturn 5      

C6. I Want You (ft Mark E Smith) 


D1. Uniform      

D2. Come Back Tomorrow         

D3. You're So Good For Me       

D4. Fix Your Smile         

D5. Spitfire       

D6. Let You Down (Edit)

3cd tracklist



1. Keep The Circle Around        

2. Butterfly              

3. Joe      

4. Find Out Why      

5. Move   

6. This Is How It Feels              

7. She Comes In The Fall         

8. Biggest Mountain 

9. Weakness            

10. Caravan             

11. Please Be Cruel   

12. Dragging Me Down            



1. Two Worlds Collide (7" Edit)

2. Generations         

3. Bitches Brew        

4. How It Should Be 

5. Saturn 5              

6. I Want You ft MES

7. Uniform

8. Come Back Tomorrow          

9. You're So Good For Me       

10. Fix Your Smile    

11. Spitfire

12. Let You Down - Edit           



1. Dragging Me Down (Jon Dasilva Remix)

2. This Is How It Feels (The Go! Team Remix)

3. Caravan (No Windscreen Mix)

4. Generations (Denmark 2 Germany 0 Remix)

5. Commercial Reign (Rub-A-Dub Mix)

6. You're So Good For Me (Like A Tonic Remix)

7. Dubville

8. Two Worlds Collide (12 inch Mix)

9. Saturn 5 (High Energy Mix)

10. This Is How It Feels (Robbery Mix)

11. Skidoo (Possession Mix)

12. Bitches Brew (Horse)

13. Changes (Martyn Walsh & Simon Lyon Remix)

14. Uniform (Scripka Mix)



Inspiral Carpets

The Complete Singles

BMG / Mute
  • limited heavyweight midnight licorice 2lp

    Released: 17th Mar 2023

  • 3CD

    Released: 17th Mar 2023

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For the first time since their 2003 compilation ‘Cool As’, here's a newly remastered singles collection, including all of their biggest hits.

featuring collaborations with Mark E Smith & John Cooper Clarke, plus material from their 2014 self-titled album. Formed in Oldham in 1980, Inspiral Carpets rose to prominence alongside such bands as The Stone Roses, The Charlatans & The Happy Mondays, as part of the Madchester scene in the late 80s/early 90s. They have released five studio albums; ‘Life’ (1990), ‘The Beast Inside’ (1991), ‘Revenge of the Goldfish’ (1992), ‘Devil Hopping’ (1994) and ‘Inspiral Carpets’ (2014), achieving four UK Top 20 Albums and UK Top 20 Singles. Their biggest singles include ‘This Is How It Feels’, ‘She Comes In The Fall’, ‘Saturn 5’, ‘I Want You’ and ‘Dragging Me Down’.