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Gilla Band

most normal

limited blue lp - £24.99 | Buy
cd - £12.99 | Buy
Gilla Band boil down anxiety to its purest form.


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It’s been a long time coming but the wonky industrial dancefloor stylings of giant swan are finally on a full album – you’ve heard techno, but...

Shattered Faith

limited 7" - £9.99 | Buy
Buzzing new Glasgow five-piece VLURE release their hotly anticipated debut single ‘Shattered Faith’.
I've seen a way
resident exclusive signed & numbered art print
  1. Love Theme (4K VHS)
  2. Drag [Crashed]
  3. Pinking Shears
  4. Injury Detail
  5. Mosaick
  6. The Driving Rain (18)
  7. 2 Stripe
  8. Iron Maiden
  9. Peach Fuzz
  10. (?>?<)? :??:*:??'?,??:*:???'? (Crystal Aura Redux)
  11. Sensitivity Training

Mandy, Indiana

I've seen a way

  • limited indies only clear lp + resident exclusive signed & numbered art print

    Released: 21st Nov 2023

  • limited indies only clear lp

  • limited black lp

    Released: 19th May 2023

  • limited cd

    Released: 26th May 2023


A thrilling expansion on the technoise sound that first won us over; their careful authorship has hammered these eclectic tracks into a seamlessly cohesive album.

 2021’s ‘... EP’ offered us an all-too-brief view into Mandy, Indiana’s cacophonous world of driving, club- ready drum beats, icily dissociated vocals and amorphous tears of guitar and synth. It was a sound that we were instantly infatuated with, but on their debut album, it’s their vision that steals the show.

Opening with the sound of rushing water - a motif that reoccurs at the album’s midway point, alongside numerous occasions where percussion echoes the sound of a “drip, drip, drip” -we’re drenched with feelings of submergence, of overwhelming surges of elemental forces, of something inevitable advancing towards us with every ticking drum.

“An idiosyncratic collision of familiar elements that blurs genres and defamiliarizes language” - Pitchfork

Under the watchful ears of co-producers, Gilla Band’s Daniel Fox and Giant Swan’s Robin Stewart - both titans of the noise-rock and noise-techno worlds - and recorded across caves, crypts and shopping malls, Mandy, Indiana’s experiments have chiselled out a cascading image that ebbs and flows between abrasive electronic stompers and respites where the current stills, the rage drains and the melody trickles in. A deep, winding, and enthralling swim

For Fans Of: Gilla Band / SCALER / VLURE / P.I.L. / Giant Swan / Model/Actriz / DITZ


“Above and beyond their thunderous live sound... a multi-layered aural delight I've been returning to again and again.” - Ian