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Little Simz

Sometimes I Might Be Introvert

limited milky clear 2lp - £22.99 | Buy
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“Only the strong will survive - Alone, but not lonely, your truth unveils with time as you embark on a journey of what it takes to be a woman” annou...
Little Simz

drop 6

limited gatefold blue 12" - £11.99 | Buy
Using a skilful, emotionally rich flow, little simz follows up our 2nd fav album of 2019 with a phenomenal ep that uses its production economically and to thril...
Little Simz

Grey Area (2021 repress)

white lp - £21.99 | Buy
cd - £9.99 | Buy
The visionary MC has bowled us over with this set of addictive productions of mid-fi hip-hop grooves.
  1. Angel
  2. Gorilla
  3. Silhouette
  4. No Merci
  5. X
  6. Heart On Fire
  7. Broken
  8. Sideways
  9. Who Even Cares
  10. Control

Little Simz


forever living originals
  • clear 2lp

    Released: 16th Jun 2023

  • cd

    Released: 16th Jun 2023


Sleek, succinct and utterly propulsive, it’s Simz’ defiantly punk rock, two fingered salute to conformity and fame, and all the expectations and restrictions that come with.

Recorded with her regular collaborator Inflo, this is Simz at her most free, daring and spontaneous. In her own words: 'emotion is energy in motion. honour your truth and feelings. eradicate fear. boundaries are important.’