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Good Time/Hard Time

indies only colour lp - £22.99 | Pre Order
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dinked 227 – red & black lp + 7” + signed print + sticker sheet - £25.99
4 albums in, 1 man down, double the energy – the incredible force of nature that is Teleman returns to make sense of our world in chaos & their words ...

Sweet Morning EP

Light Blue 12" - £13.99 | Buy
*signed* super limited Light Blue 12" - £13.99 £9.99
‘Sweet Morning’ is a honeyed little bouncer that’ll make your morning ablutions a total joy and is pumped full of breakfast beats that you can...

brilliant sanity

lp + download - £18.99 | Buy
the band's sophomore appears fastidiously & impeccably made but it's also charged with joy - if the likes of dutch uncles, django django & field...
'Good Time/Hard Time' Album Launch Show
  1. Short Life
  2. Trees Grow High
  3. Wonderful Times
  4. Easy Now I've Got You
  5. Cherish
  6. Hello Everybody
  7. I Can Do It For You
  8. The Juice
  9. The Girls Who Care To Stay
  10. Good Time/Hard Time
  11. somebody tell me it's alright (dinked 7" exclusive)
  12. short life demo (dinked 7" exclusive)


'Good Time/Hard Time' Album Launch Show

at resident music, brighton - tuesday 11th april 2023 (all ages - under 14s can come for free)
  • instore access (2 entries) limited indies only natural / black "colour in colour" lp (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 7th Apr 2023

  • instore access (2 entries) lp (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 7th Apr 2023

  • instore access (2 entries) cd (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 7th Apr 2023

  • instore access (2 entries) dinked 227 - very limited numbered* "watermelon" (red & black half & half) lp* + bonus 7"* + signed print* + sticker sheet (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 7th Apr 2023

    out of stock

this april we welcome teleman down to celebrate the release of 'good time/hard time' with an instore performance and signing.

• running timings : 6:30pm start.

• no actual tickets are issued for the show – you will get an order confirmation & your name will be added to the guestlist - you’ll just need to give your name on the door.

• the release date for physical copies of this album is 7th april 2023. you will be able to collect the album at the show.

• please wait for an order notification to show your album is ready to collect before coming in to collect your copy.

• this page is for entry to the teleman instore show - to purchase signed copies of ''good time/hard time' without entry to the show, please head here.