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Angus & Julia Stone

Cape Forestier

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In 'Cape Forestier,' Angus and Julia Stone express their extraordinary journey through heartfelt songs, emphasizing the universal language of music that...
Life Is Strange


  1. Love Song
  2. Heavy Gets Light
  3. Living Underground
  4. For Remembering
  5. Take Me Home
  6. Let Me Know
  7. Blue
  8. Forever For Us
  9. From A Dream
  10. In My Arms
  11. When Was That
  12. Tears

Angus & Julia Stone

Life Is Strange

BMG Rights Mgt (Australia)
  • limited translucent yellow lp

    Released: 28th Apr 2023


Angus & Julia Stone’s unexpected, unguarded, unforgettable fifth album.

The duo were commissioned by Dontnod Entertainment to sound-track 2021’s ‘True Colours’ edition of the game, a soundtrack record that is one of the pair’s most immediate, most beautifully-rendered sets yet. The album won the ARIA (AUS Grammy) in 2021 for Best Original Soundtrack. The game, like the music, explores the richness and complexity of love between siblings, families, and communities. It’s a theme Angus & Julia have themselves never given up working through: “There's always going to be this common thread that runs through all our songs, which is that at the bottom of everything is love,” says Angus. “It always comes back to love, and things coming from within your heart. When all else fails, love will be the thing that conquers.”