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pj harvey

B-Sides, Demos & Rarities

180g 6lp boxset - £159.99 | Buy
The definitive collection of PJ Harvey B-Sides, rarities and non-album demos.
pj harvey

Let England Shake (2022 reissue)

limited 180g lp + download - 1 per customer - £25.99 | Buy
fun fact - this is the second pj harvey album to win the mercury prize! And quite right, too.
pj harvey

Let England Shake - demos

cd - £11.99 | Buy
Collection of unreleased demos of tracks written for the eighth PJ Harvey studio album 'Let England Shake', including demos of ‘The Words That Mak...
pj harvey

White Chalk (2021 reissue)

180g lp - £25.99 | Buy
Reissue on vinyl of the seventh PJ Harvey studio album White Chalk.
pj harvey

Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea (2021 reissue)

heavyweight lp - £31.99
Reissue on vinyl of the fifth PJ Harvey studio album Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea.
pj harvey

Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea - Demos

lp + download - £27.99 | Buy
This extensive reissue series gives us an excuse we don’t need to take a trip into PJ’s flawless back catalogue.

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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

push the sky away

lp + download - £18.99 | Buy
the most subtly beautiful & warmly inviting of all the Bad Seeds albums - it's all about the atmosphere & seems to take its cues from the astonishin...
Aldous Harding

Warm Chris

limited lp - £21.99 | Buy
cd - £12.99 | Buy
An oblique, lyrical & poetic song cycle that feels like it’s from another dimension - timeless in the truest sense.
I Inside the Old Year Dying


  1. Prayer at the Gate
  2. Autumn Term
  3. Lwonesome Tonight
  4. Seem an I
  5. The Nether-edge
  6. I Inside the Old Year Dying
  7. All Souls
  8. A Child's Question August
  9. I Inside the Old I Dying
  10. August
  11. A Child's Question July
  12. A Noiseless Noise

pj harvey

I Inside the Old Year Dying

Partisan Records
  • limited 140g black lp in gatefold sleeve

    Released: 7th Jul 2023

  • cd w/ on-body print

    Released: 7th Jul 2023


Dramatic, poetic, minimalist - this subtly devastating and profound album works best when you give it the headspace it deserves.

These songs, adapted from her book of poetry ‘Orlam’, hit the same notes as Nick Cave at his most rhapsodic, and Patti Smith at her most refined, pushing her into an unfamiliar territory that purposefully prevents her from unleashing. This deliberate choice to push herself outside of her usual sound and styles has made this album perhaps unfairly overlooked this year. Her tenth is not an immediate winner for most, but one that rewards dedicated listening with an enormous and rich world waiting to be discovered.

"A tale of the changing seasons. “Curled ferns yet to uncurl” as spring approaches and “swifts abandon autumn’s ache” as the summer draws to a close. But there are dark happenings afoot. Very dark. It’s spooky. It’s eery. It’s unsettling. Come on in to the strange, scary world that Polly Harvey has created and stay a while. Like me, you may find it hard to leave." - Kevin