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Live at BBC - 9 October 1970

LP - £15.99 | Pre Order
Ermitage celebrates the nine times Grammy winner with the release of this vinyl album featuring the artist performing live on the BBC in 1970.

The Asylum Albums (1976-1980)

remastered black 5cd boxset - £52.99 | Buy
remastered black 6lp boxset - £157.99 | Buy
'The Asylum Albums (1976-1980)' is newly remastered and presented with premium packaging featuring abstract cover artwork from Mitchell’s private ...

Court and Spark Demos (Black Friday 2023)

Limited 180g LP - £31.99 | Buy
Court and Spark is Joni Mitchell's most commercially successful album of her career.

Court And Spark (2023 reissue)

limited select retailers exclusive remastered 140g clear bottle green lp - £37.99 | Buy
remastered 180g black lp - £28.99 | Buy
'Court and Spark' is the 6th studio album by Joni Mitchell.

Ladies Of The Canyon (2023 reissue)

limited select retailers exclusive remastered 140g transparent green lp - £29.99 | Buy
'Ladies of the Canyon' is the third studio album by Joni Mitchell.

The Hissing Of Summer Lawns (2023 reissue)

remastered 180g black lp - £38.99 | Buy
'The Hissing of Summer Lawns' is the 7th studio album by Joni Mitchell originally released in 1975.
Joni Mitchell At Newport


  1. Introduction by Brandi Carlile
  2. Big Yellow Taxi
  3. A Case of You
  4. Amelia
  5. Both Sides Now
  6. Just Like This Train
  7. Summertime
  8. Carey
  9. Help Me - Celisse
  10. Come in From the Cold
  11. Shine
  12. The Circle Game


Joni Mitchell At Newport

  • 140g black 2lp

    Released: 28th Jul 2023

  • cd

    Released: 28th Jul 2023


Not satisfied with simply blowing minds with her appearance at last year’s Newport folk festival, the legend that is Joni Mitchell also recorded the event so that us distant mortals, who were unable to attend, can now bask in this emotionally charged return.

Joni Mitchell stunned the Newport Folk Festival audience in summer '22 when she gave a surprise perfor-mance – her first in 20 years – delivering a heartfelt set filled with some of her greatest songs. Mitchell delighted the crowd, blending her voice with the other singers on stage on classics like “Big Yellow Taxi,” “A Case Of You,” and “Both Sides Now.” For good measure, she even flashed her guitar prowess, playing a solo instrumental version of “Just Like This Train.”

In his liner notes for 'AT NEWPORT', Cameron Crowe writes about Mitchell’s arduous and miraculous recovery from a life-threatening brain aneurysm in 2015, that led to her emotional return at Newport. “Mitchell emerged from the side of the stage, swaying smoothly, in fine summer-style with beret and sunglasses. Her good-natured mood instantly set the tone. This performance would be an intimate gathering of friends, not unlike the Joni Jams she’d been hosting in her own living room over the last few years of recovery. Smiling broadly, Mitchell made her surprise appearance, taking her on-stage seat alongside Carlile. Within minutes, the news had rocketed around the globe. Mitchell was back, sparkling with enthusiasm, delivering a tender and passionate set of 13 songs, ending with a joyful sing-along of ‘The Circle Game.’”